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Updated 12-MAY-2020

Following much discussion and consideration of Ohio/CDC guidance, we believe it’s possible to restore individual instruction, beginning 11-May-2020, as long as we follow a few simple protocols. We will evaluate these weekly and make adjustments as we return to the ‘new normal’ and beyond.

  1. Before you arrive:
    • Be sure you are feeling well.
    • Assure you have facial covering & hand sanitizer.
    • Please bring your own training aids, equipment, etc. We should not be sharing training tools at this time.
    • Instructors are encouraged to stagger student training times to allow students to plan to arrive just before scheduled training time.

  2. Distancing:
    • Maintain 6 feet or more from others while at Hado-Bar.
    • Park spaced such that safe distance can be maintained around vehicles.
    • X your dogs on the front field on the northeast corner.
    • Maintain appropriate space and yield way at gates & entrances.
    • Please park on far side of driveway near your training area.
      Remember, the grassy areas are often soggy and we don’t have the ability to pull vehicles out

  3. Face coverings:
    • Everyone must have a face covering on their person while at Hado-Bar.
      • Required at all times for indoor activities, including training in the indoor arena.
      • These may be pulled down momentarily for instructor/student communication but should be restored as quickly as possible.
    • Face coverings may pulled down by the instructor & student in training while in the outdoor arenas. Please restore as you enter & leave the arena.

  4. Off-limits areas:
    • ALL indoor areas AND within 6ft radius of building entrances are limited to Hado-Bar staff. Instructors may be in the stock areas to tend/gather/return stock as needed.
    • House, surrounding yard, wire fenced areas for dogs, and garage are off-limits except by invitation. Please park on far side of driveway.

  5. Maintaining good hygiene:
    • We are sanitizing latches & handles daily. Current guidance indicates rough or weathered surfaces are not as likely to support contamination, but we err on the side of abundant caution and ask you to do so as well. That said…
    • We suggest judicious personal use of hand sanitizer as you contact latches & handles.
    • The use of gloves is your option but not required by HBF. Your instructor may add some reasonable additional guidance,
    • The on-site Port-a-pot will have a supply of bleach solution and paper towels. Please spray contacted surfaces before you exit.


For more information, contact Judi Bigham
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